Our club is an ever increasing group of aviation enthusiasts. They come from all walks of life but share a love of all things aviation.

Some members have been flying for many years and have accrued lots of flying hours. Some work in the aviation industry as pilots or support staff while others are relatively new to flying and have only just obtained their licenses. The club also has several students in various stages of working towards their license.

Weekends are usually busy times at the airfield as members are usually flying, planning flights, having instruction, maintaining their aircraft or just talking about planes.

The above is often called ‘hangar flying’ and is an important part of learning as newer pilots learn from more experienced pilots through swapped stories and tagging along on short flights around the area.

Accompanying more experienced pilots on cross country flights is a great way to gain confidence on what can seem daunting at first. Slowly but surely, novice pilots gain confidence as their horizons expand. Before you know it, a flight to Cape Reinga (or Stewart Island) is a reality!

Many former students move on to purchasing their own aircraft (either on their own or in a syndicate with others). These aircraft range from weight shift trikes right through to modern lightweight aircraft with retractable undercarriage, constant speed propellors, ballistic parachutes and even autopilot control. The sky is truly just the beginning in the world of microlight aircraft.

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Training aircraft

The club currently owns an Aeroprakt A22 high wing plane as a trainer. It can be used for flight instruction or, if not busy, rented for cross country jaunts.
The A22 is a safe, reliable and economical way to learn to fly.

Club meetings

Club meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at the Remuera Club. The meeting starts at 7:00pm.