Learning to fly is both easy and inexpensive when you come to the Auckland Recreational Flying Club, for around $3k most people can learn to fly solo in our aircraft and with a bit of study and further training can achieve the RAANZ Advanced Pilot Certificate which will allow you to fly all over the country.

So what’s next?

Once you have decided to learn to fly, you will need to have your GP complete a Medical Certificate for you. Additionally, you will need to complete a Fit & Proper Person Declaration and a New Member Form. Take the completed forms to your instructor (at your next lesson). Your Instructor will then arrange for a Novice Pilot License to be issued by RAANZ (Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand). At this stage you will need to join the club (current subscription is $70 per year, and joining fee $30) and also RAANZ (annual subscription – $120). You will also need to purchase a Pilots Logbook to record your progress.

Steps to Obtain a Recreational Pilot License through Auckland Recreational Flying Club (ARFC)

1. Trial Flight

Arrange a Trial Flight:

  • Contact ARFC to schedule a trial flight. This introductory flight gives you a firsthand experience of flying a Light Sport Aircraft.
  • Ensure the flight is conducted by a certified ARFC pilot with a passenger rating.

Cost and Duration:

  • The cost for a trial flight at ARFC may vary. Check with the club for current pricing and availability.


  • This step helps you decide if pursuing a recreational pilot license is right for you.

2. Find an Instructor

Connecting with an Instructor:

  • ARFC has a certified recreational flight instructor. You can contact him through a club member or the contact page.
  • You can organize with our instructor the best day and time for a flight.

Local Clubs:

  • Being a member of ARFC allows you to access a network of experienced pilots and instructors.

3. Medical Examination

Basic Medical Examination:

  • Obtain a basic medical examination from your local doctor. This examination ensures you meet the fitness requirements for flying a recreational.
  • ARFC can provide guidance on the specific medical standards required.


  • Obtain a medical certificate from your doctor. This certificate will be needed when applying for your pilot certificate.
  • Print the medical form and ask your doctor to fill it and sign it. Medical form link

4. Novice Pilot Certificate

Application Process:

  • Complete the New Member application form, which can be obtained from RAANZ at this link.
  • Complete the Fit & Proper Person declaration, which can be obtained from RAANZ at this link.
  • Submit the forms and the medical certificate along with the required fee to RAANZ through ARFC.

Novice Pilot Certificate:

  • At this point, you are able to start your training with our Pilot Instructor.

Logbook and Training Manual:

  • Purchase a logbook from ARFC to record your flight training hours.
  • Training and reference material for pilot candidates at this RAANZ link. Your login details will be provided by RAANZ when you register as a New Member.


  • The initial costs for RAANZ application, logbook, and Club fee typically amount to about $250.

5. Training

Dual Flight Instruction:

  • Engage in 10-20 hours of dual flight instruction under the supervision of your ARFC instructor. This includes practical flying lessons and theoretical learning.
  • The cost of training generally ranges from $2000 to $4000, depending on the number of hours and the rate charged by the instructor.

Training Content:

  • Training includes aircraft handling, navigation, emergency procedures, and pre-flight checks.
  • ARFC provides a comprehensive training syllabus tailored to ensure you are competent and confident in handling a Light Sport Aircraft.

6. Solo Flight

Authorization for Solo Flight:

  • Once your instructor at ARFC deems you ready, you will be authorized to undertake solo flights. This typically happens after completing the required dual instruction hours and demonstrating sufficient skill and knowledge.

Solo Flight Requirements:

  • Record all solo flights in your logbook. Continue to maintain regular communication with your instructor for further guidance and feedback.

7. Further Certification

Intermediate and Advanced Certificates:

  • After gaining experience with solo flights, you can apply for higher levels of certification, such as Intermediate, Advanced Local and Advance National Pilot Certificates through ARFC.
  • These certifications may require additional training hours and advanced maneuvering skills.

FRTO and Passenger Rating:

  • Flight Radio Telephone Operator (FRTO) Certificate will allow you to operate a Radio transmitter on the plane.
  • Passenger Rating Certificate will allow you to carry a passenger.

Continued Learning:

  • Keep studying and practicing regularly to maintain and improve your flying skills.
  • Engage with ARFC for ongoing learning opportunities, events, and community support.

Certification Structure Chart:

Required Documents

  1. Medical Certificate:
  2. Application Form:
  3. Fit & Proper Person Declaration:
  4. Logbook:
    • Used to record all flight training hours, solo flights, and other relevant flying activities.

Financial Costs

  • Trial Flight: Variable, depending on ARFC rates.
  • Medical Examination: Cost of your Gp visit, generally $50.
  • Novice Pilot Certificate: Approx. from $170 for application and logbook.
  • Dual Flight Instruction: $2000-$4000 for 10-20 hours of instruction.

For more detailed information, visit the Auckland Recreational Flying Club (ARFC) website and connect with the club directly to start your journey to becoming a recreational pilot. You are welcome to visit also the RAANZ website​.

Let us know if any of the links are not working, and we will promptly fix the issue.