Learning to fly is both easy and inexpensive when you come to the Auckland Recreational Flying Club, for around $1k – $3k most people can learn to fly solo in our aircraft and with a bit of study achieve the RAANZ Advanced Microlight Pilot Certificate which will allow you to fly all over the country.

Learn to Fly with ARFC

What You Need

The first thing you need to do is to arrange a trial instructional flight. Contact one of the instructors listed below and arrange a flight where you will get to fly the aircraft.


Once you have decided that you want to learn to fly, you will need to have your GP complete a Medical Certificate for you, and you will also need to complete a Fit & Proper Person Declaration. Take the completed forms to your instructor (at your next lesson) Your Instructor will then arrange for a Microlight Pilots License to be issued by RAANZ (Recreational Aircraft Association of New Zealand). At this stage you will need to join the club (current subscription is $80 per year, and joining fee $30) and also RAANZ (annual subscription – $70). You will also need to purchase both a Pilots Logbook and a Pilots Training Manual.

Scheduling lesson

Instruction should be arranged with your chosen Instructor. Please be aware that our Instructors have busy lives too, and may not always be available. Weather will also be a factor – we do not normally fly in strong nor-westers! Your Instructor will record your progress in your logbook which you should bring to each lesson.

What it costs

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Microlights are governed principally by two organisations, RAANZ and SAC, the RNZAC also has some microlight operations.

Listed below are our currently active instructors and their affiliation to RAANZ, SAC or RNZAC. If you are new to the sport, you should choose a RAANZ instructor to give the most flexibility in your training.